Alpine Cough Corsica Artic Tern 3 Baby Redback Shrike Barn Owl
Bee Eater with Wasp Bee-Eater Bee Eater Flying Bee Eater Trio
Bee Eater Trio 2 Bee Eater Feeding Time Bittern (1) Bittern (2)
Black and White Bird 3 Black Headed Gull Blackbird Singing Blackbird with a splash of White
Blackcap Blackcap(Young) Blackheaaded Gull in B-W Blackheaded Gull
Blue Tit (2) Blue Tit 2 Blue Tit at Manor Farmhouse Bullfinch
Chafffinch Chaffinch in Flight Cirl Bunting 2 Cirl Bunting
Collar dove common Sandpiper Common Tern Coot on Nest
Coot Corn Bunting 2 Corn Bunting B (2) Corn Bunting Feeding 2
Corn Bunting Feeding Corn Bunting Cuckoo Curlew (
Curlew 6 Curlew 7 Curlew2 Cygnets
Dipper Duckling Dunlin 1 Dunlin on Grassington Moor
Dunlin on Moor Dunnock 3 Dunnock Dunnock2
Egret Egyptian Goose on nest Egyptian Sunset Eider Duck (male)
Eider Dull 2(female) Eye to Eye Female Kingfisher Fieldfare Looking
Fieldfare resting Fieldfare Gannet Golden Oriel (2)
Golden Oriole (Female) Golden Oriel (3) Golden Oriel Female Golden Oriel
Goldfinch (fledgling) Goldfinch (fledglings) Goldfinch 2 Goldfinch
Gossander Great Tit Greater Spotted Woodpecker and Young Green Finch
Green Woodpecker looking for ants 2 Green Woodpecker looking for ants Green Woodpecker Green Woodpecker2
Greenfinch Grey Wagtail 2. Grey Wagtail Group of Fieldfares
Grouse Haw Finch Hawfinch Young Hawfing 3
Young Hawfinch 2 Hen Pheasant flying Heron 1 Heron and Blackheaded Gull
Heron with Fish Heron Heron2 Heron3
Heron4 Heron5 Heron6 Herron on a post
Herring Gull Hoopie Hot Woodpecker House Martin getting building material
House Sparrows IMG 0342  Egyptian Goose Jackdaw at Brimham Rocks Jay BW
Jay Jay2 Kingfisher (female) Kittiwake 2
Kittiwake Kittiwakes nesting Lapwing (2) Lapwing Flying (2)
Lapwing Lesser Grey Shrike Linnet 2 B Linnet 3 B
Linnet Flying Little Owl (2) Little Owl 1 Little Owl 2
Little Ringed Plover (2) Little Ringed Plover Long Tailed Tit (2) Long Tailed Tit
Long Tailed Tit 2 Long Tailed Tit Upside down Magpie 2 Magpie
Malard (male) Male Linnet Mallard (female) Mandarin Duck (male)
Middle Spotted Woodpecker Moorhen Mute Swan Nightingale 2
Nightingale Nutcracker Nuthatch Owl in Barn
Parakeet 1  Parakeets were photographed in Winkfield near Windsor Parakeet 2 Peregrine  (3)with lucky Rock Dove Peregrine  (4)
Peregrine Pheasant Hiding Pheasant Pied Flycatcher (3)
Pied Flycatcher 2 Pied Flycatcher Pied Wagtail 2 Pied Wagtail on Wall
Pied Wagtail Ptarmigan in the mist Puffin 2 Puffin 3
Puffin with Sand Eels Puffin Razorbill close up Razorbill cropped
Razorbill Pair Razorbill Pair2 Razorbill Razorbill3
Razorbill4 Red Back Shrike Pair B Red Backed Shrike Fledgling B 2 Red Backed Shrike Fledgling B
Red backed shrike Red Backed Shrike (female) Female Red Backed Shrike Red Backed Shrike 3
Red Breasted Flychatcher (female) Red Grouse (3) Red Grouse Hidden Red Kite 1
Red Kite 2 Red Kite 4 Red Kite 5 Red Kite in Winkfield
Red Kite Resting 2 Red Kite Resting Red Kite Winkfield 2 Red Kite Winkfield 3
Red Legged Partridge Robin helps with Car Robin Rook in a bush 2
Rook Rose Coloured Starlings Sanderlings 2 Sanderlings
Shag 3 Shag Spotted Flycatcher at Great Easton Spotted Flycatcher making a nest  Spotted Flycatcher making a nest
Spotted Flycatcher Spotted Flychatcher Stonechat Stork
Swallow in Barn Swallow just returned with Sandy Feathers Swallow Swallows gathering
Swallows Tawny Owl Thrush (female) Thrush
Trio of Parakeets Turtle Dove Upside down Woodpecker Wheatear
White Rook Whitethoat on a Wire Whitethroat in Tree Young Whitethroat being pestered by Midgies
Woodchat Shrike Woodchat Skrike 2 Woodpecker with tongue Woody alert
Woody Wren Alert Wren in Bush 1 Wren in Bush 2
Wren peeping Wren using basket for nest Wren with food Wren
Wryneck  1st August 2018 Burya, Bulgaria Yellow Hammer Yellow Hammer Feeding Yellow Hammer Feeding 2
Young Great Tit Young Red Backed Shrike Young Shrike