Land, Skies and Water

A morning in Bulgaria After the Storm Autumn Nidderdale Bamburgh Castle
Black House on North Uist Devetashka Caves Bulgaria Devetashka Early Morning Mist 2nd Dec 2004
flower Frost in Wharfedale Frozen summit of Great Whernside Grassington Bridge
High Cross Farm Holy Island House in Bulgaria IMG 0009
IMG 0039 IMG 0349 IMG 1048 Views from top IMG 1230
IMG 1447 IMG 2464 IMG 2730 IMG 3681
IMG 4031 IMG 4293 IMG 4304 IMG 4344
IMG 4891 IMG 5039 IMG 6058 IMG 6242
IMG 6307 IMG 6379 IMG 6429 IMG 6639
IMG 7620 1 IMG 7840 IMG 8498 IMG 8720
IMG 8756 IMG 8759 IMG 8800 IMG 9627
IMG 9853 IMG 9855 IMG 9974 IMG 9988BW
IMG 14711 IMG 60351 IMG 66542 IMG 74181
IMG 78481 Krushuna Falls Bulgaria Krushuna Falls Linton Falls
Looking towards Gargrave Me on Summit of Beinn Alligan November morning (Hangchurch Woods Staffs) On the Summit of Ben More Dec 2004
Penygent Penygnent Picture for Our Kelly Porto Sunset 1
Pyrennes Rainbow 3 River Wharfe near Bolton Abbey River Wharfe
Sheep and Chicken Sheep at High Cross Farm stitch stitch2
Stitched Kilnsey Sun up over towards Burnsall Sunrise In The Dales1 Sunset New Years Eve 2006
Swaledale Peep The Matterhorn Top barn 1 Vallay Bhalaigh Beach
View from Struan Cottage View from the island VT with Friends Wharfedale
Mt Uzana Winter Sunset